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Friday, September 07, 2007

Bizarre lawsuit settled involving NASA, nasty food & chef "Dirty Finger Al”

A lawsuit against NASA's Kennedy Space Center has been settled. The lawsuit was in response to poor hygiene practices among the food handlers in the Space Center. To read the grotesque details click here to download.


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Aliceww said...

The health inspections at KSC were performed by Comprehensive
Health Services, Inc. (CHS) who is a subcontractor to Space Gateway
Support, the Joint Base Operations Support Contractor.

The food health inspector, Mr. David Dobbs, has performed health
inspections of the KSC cafeteria and other food facilities since
1993. The results of these inspections are now being questioned.
Dobbs was recently terminated for falsifying inspection reports and
time card fraud. He is currently under investigation by the FBI and
charges are pending. Evidently, Dobbs has been submitting
inspection reports and forms (over a yet to be determined period of
time) for inspections that were never performed. As a result, the
overall health quality of the food served has been questioned.

This complete situation has been kept very quiet to prevent
additional bad publicity because of the Dirty Finger Al article.


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